In a country that loves its Celtic music, it’s no surprise that Vancouver’s Pat Chessell has
become known as one of the most exciting folk artists in Western Canada. Pat’s rootsy vocal
style, charismatic stage presence and expert musicianship (guitar) are making for an
ever-growing audience of enthusiastic fans. 

While his mostly original music falls solidly under the broad umbrella of ‘Celtic’, Pat’s
range is prodigious and eclectic. It’s been variously described as “upbeat Celtic influenced
Canadian folk/pop”, and “moving mid-and-up-tempo contemporary Celtic”, among other labels. His tunes have also, on occasion, known to be tinged with Americana influences.

Shawn Bullshields was born and raised in Southern Alberta, a member of the Blackfoot Nation. In 2010, he began pursuing music professionally in Vancouver. Since 2015 Shawn has been performing full time on Granville Island; he is a singer/guitarist and has a natural charisma and professional delivery that combines a repertoire of songs from the genres of pop, blues, country and folk: The point where they intersect is through his masterful singing voice. He commands instant attention because his voicconveys the truth, beauty and deep meaning within each song, expressed with the full weight of his personal life experiences.  

Amal and Malak are a mother and daughter duo from Lebanon they will performing Arabic folklore music. Along with Yaqoub Hawari who will be playing the Nay which is flute like instrument that is usually used for Palestinian Folklore music. 

Leigh Kathryn is a 17 year old Filipina musician whose main purpose with her music is to evoke emotion out of others with it. Whether it be happiness, sadness, or a moment of grief, Leigh seeks to touch the souls of people who listen to her.  

Local “Yetiz” band has been performing Nepali folk songs at Fusion Festival for many years. They also perform and sing in many community programs.

ROOTS is a Peruvian folk dance group founded in 2017 under the direction of Jessica Roca Muncaster. ROOTS seeks to present and preserve Peruvian cultural dances within the communities of British Colombia. The beauty, colour, and excitement of traditional Peruvian dances are displayed in the repertoire, including dances from the three regions of Peru: Coastal, Andes, and the Amazon.
You can find ROOTS performing in a variety of venues including festivals, community groups, schools, and private events. Audiences love the combination of music, costumes, and folklore presented during the performances. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself up on your feet for the final dance. 
Roots is a group of volunteer dancers with various cultural backgrounds who share a passion for Peruvian Folk Dance. If you want a taste of Peru this is the group for you.  The rich heritage of Peruvian folk artistry is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Hua Xia Multiculture Society has as a primary mission coordinating and implementing comprehensive educational, cultural and social programs designed to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and to respect for diversity.  Through advocacy and cultural programs, we create opportunities for our clients and members to expand their cultural knowledge and appreciation.  We utilize our programs and support systems to provide an optimum developmental environment where all members may develop to the highest level of their potential within the intellectually and culturally vibrant community of in Surrey, and Lower Mainland of BC.
Our cultural expression group dedicates to encouraging the participation in the performing arts. We provide the opportunity for members to develop and transform from the stage to life.

Local “Yetiz” band has been performing Nepali folk songs at Surrey Fusion Festival for many years. They also perform and sing for many community programs.