Wild Moccasin Dancers

Shyama-Priya is an accomplished pow wow dancer and has danced at various events from local to International, for over 20 years.  Her passions include health and wellness through diet and she also practices Yoga. Shyama-Priya's father was from Bihar India and her mom has Celtic, Icelandic, and Cree roots.  She hopes to pass her passion of dance and health to her daughter. Her daughter is Mohawk from Kahnawake, and is Bejan from Barbados. Shyama-Priya enjoys continuing to  share what she was taught by Coast Salish pow wow dancer Curtis Joe, by teaching pow wow inspired dance workouts.  Along with dancing she works as a booking manager to promote other dancers work. Shyama-Priya works extensively within her community, continuing to support and motivate others to get involved in improving their health through physical movement.  

The Wild Moccasin Dancers

The Wild Moccasin Dancers are a dynamic troupe that displays the beauty and vibrancy of pow wow culture ethrough dance. We engage the audience and encourage participation. As well as performances we also hold workshops. Our workshops are a wonderful opportunity for the audience to experience a more in-depth breakdown of the steps. From schools to festivals The Wild Moccasins have performed and taught at many events.


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