Rowan Pickering

Rowan Pickering is a proud member of the BC Metis Federation. Representing them through traditional dance and storytelling. She has been dancing since the age of 8 and had the privilege of performing at the 2012 Olympics with Beverly Lamberts dance troop. Since then Rowan had been travelling across BC with her brother Quinn Pickering proudly representing the BCMF. She has performed at various festivals, conferences, and sacred days of celebration and resilience such as Aboriginal and Louis Riel day events. Rowan and her brother have had the privilege of having JJ Lavalee fiddle for their performances. With a big smile and fast feet Rowan and her brother are a duo with high energy. She has enjoyed sharing her heritage at previous Fusion festivals immensely. It is an honour to dance a jig, a passion Rowan holds close to her heart. It is always a celebration to dance hand in hand with her brother, “niimiyitooh” which means dancing together.

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