Rockin' Robin and the Magical Tree

The Rockin’ Robin Show is a highly entertaining musical production starring Robin Redcoat, who leads an ensemble of colourful birds and friends in a live production set in front of a magical old tree.

The audience sings, laughs and dances along to both original songs and kids-friendly classics with each song telling an important story or lesson related to healthy, happy lifestyles and positive life lessons.

Created for children of all ages, the Rockin’ Robin Show is designed to engage kids and their families in a one-of-a-kind fun and participatory musical experience.

Led by Robin Redcoat (aka Naomi Dorras-Donnelly) the colourful cast includes Dorothy the Dodo Bird, Marty McCaw, Bazza the Surfer Quail and the Blackbird Brothers, Skinny & Dippy. Imaginations will run wild as they sing along to many memorable melodies and hit songs!


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