Ras Fiery

His name is Allan Knights otherwise known as Ras Fiery, born in King’s Town and raised in Redemption Sharps, St. Vincent & The Greandies He was exposed to reggae culture from a
very young age. Ra's Fiery shares his love for reggae music with anyone willing to listen. He has been inspired by reggae artists like Bob Marley and has been exposed to the powerful teachings of His Imperial Majesty from the enlightening words of his Father.

“I could always vision myself in this foreign land spreading the words of Rastafari." Ra's Fiery’s prophecy was fulfilled in 1995 when he moved to the city of Toronto with an upright
attitude and determination to prosper on this side. Ras Fiery holds a strong dedication to reggae music. His chanting brings an uplifting vibration that most can relate to. In his music we can hear about the struggles of Rastafarian people and about how we can make great changes through organisation.


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