George Leach

George Leach is an artist in relentless pursuit of truth. His dedication to songcraft is evident throughout his career, nowhere more so than on his latest album, Surrender, out now.

Surrender is the follow up to George’s debut from 2000, Just Where I’m At. The album’s 11 tracks offer ample proof that the time was well spent.. From the funky groove of opening track You Got It, to the confident modern rock groove and keening vocal hooks of the first single, Carry Me, to the vulnerability and intimacy in songs like the title track, Surrender takes you on an adventure. The album covers a vast terrain - touches of classic rock, balladry, and R&B, all in the service of a restless musical explorer coming into his own. It ranks among the finest you will encounter, this year or any other.

Now it’s time to hit the road again. Shows are planned throughout 2013. The energy level of a George Leach show can be described as ‘high’, to put it mildly. In concert George disappears into the moment, chasing the promise of fleeting transcendence that music offers and taking us all with him. Don’t miss it.

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