Ferre Gola

With his real name Hervé Gola Bateringe, Ferre has made an exceptional artistic journey which has earned him his current success. He is well known for his work, and is surrounded by a team of young ladies and gentlemen who are well-established both in his administration and in his orchestra, among others: Chikito, Kunzardo, Charly Solo, Mark House, Guy Digital, De Gaulle and others. Before embracing the solo career, Ferre Gola produced five songs including Vita Imana, Victim of Love, 100 Kilos, Love Interest, Insecticide and others.

He was born on 3 March 1976, in Kinshasa, the largest city and capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. From an early age, he was passionate about becoming a professional musician. 

Ferre gola began his career in a band in Bandalungwa commune called "Rumba des Jeunes" before making his historic entry in "Wenge Musica" in 1995. At the split of this group, Ferre Gola joined Werrason in "Maison mère" for 7 years, before creating with Bill Cliton and Jus d’été "Marquess of Maison mère". But, "Les Marquis" burst out a few months later after the triumphant release of the opus "Miracles", best album at the KORA awards 2005 in South Africa.


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