Celebrate Africa

Celebrate the continent’s vibrant history, music, dance and cuisine at the Celebrate Africa zone at Fusion Festival!

Attendees can explore an African Village market where local vendors will showcase and sell art, textiles and other goods from the continent. It will also feature a Democratic Republic of Congo food pavilion selling traditional dishes containing fish, meat or beans with plantain, coconut rice and salad. Additionally, the cultural pavilion will educate attendees on the transformative power of Congolese sapeurs – a fashion movement in the country that encourages dressing in couture and high-end garments, as well as share the culture of Nigeria’s Igbo people through a masquerade and women’s dance.

The Celebrate Africa zone’s AHFOMAD Stage will showcase music and dance from Africa over the two days. The stage will see performances from musicians from Cameroon, Guinea, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, St. Vincent and Mauritius. In addition to a variety of performances in the Celebrate Africa zone, the festival will feature Somali-born, Canadian-based international artist K'NAAN to headline the Concord Pacific World Music Stage on Saturday night.

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