Sleepy Gonzales

Congratulations to Sleepy Gonzales! Our 2018 Play Surrey Fusion Festival Contest winners.

Sleepy Gonzales is an independent four-piece band from Surrey, BC. All four members are born, raised and have lived all of their lives in Surrey. Sleepy Gonzales writes, records and produces all of their own music. Cristian and Beni are twins and grew up playing music and writing songs together. The boys met Allyson while attending high school in Surrey. As a three piece band Sleepy Gonzales began performing anywhere that would have them in 2016. Sleepy Gonzales has since played several gigs in including such venues as the Roxy, the Biltmore, the Back Stage Lounge, the Astoria, Carport Manor, The Black Bird Lounge, Cates Park Concert Series and is currently booking gigs into August of 2018. Sleepy Gonzales was selected and will play at the Khatsahlano Music Festival on July 7, 2018 and was also selected to host a stage at Commercial Drive car free day on July 8, 2018 where they will be headlining with four other bands playing in support.


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