Goota Desmairas & Jacqueline Koe

Goota Desmarais was born in Cape Dorset Nunavut. Her early childhood was spent in a modern Inuit settlement during the winters and in a traditional camp during the summers. Goota is now an urban Inuk, living in Sherwood Park Alberta for the past 25 years yet stays connected to her Inuit culture through frequent visits to her home community.

Goota began sharing her Inuit culture 20 years ago when she was invited to present to her friends daughter’s classroom. That was when Goota realized how little knowledge the Southern people have about the Inuit. As her daughter reached school age (now in her second year of university) she began presenting to her class then was soon invited to bring her presentation to other classrooms.

Dressed in a traditional baby carrier, called an amouti, Goota passionately shares her culture through storytelling complemented by authentic Inuit artifacts. She displays items such as the Qulliq (the Inuit stove?), skins of different animals and Inuit art. Goota also brings to the class a traditional feast and invites them to try traditional bubble gum, arctic char and more. When her son Jordan reached school age (now in grade 4) she became increasingly involved in school presentations.

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