Dalaras Tribute Band

Local musicians - George Yioldassis, Mark Hamilton, Rick Zygouras, Kostaki Roumeliotis, and Yannis Fyssas - perform a collection of classic songs from internationally acclaimed Greek artist, George Dalaras, taking you on a journey from the famous 1983 Orfeas concert through some of the more recent classics.

We have meticulously re-recorded and arranged this music using the most advanced virtual instruments (including exotic middle Eastern instruments like the oud, kanoun, santuri, lyra, Turkish clarinet, Greek bouzouki, tzoura, baglama, and various metallic and wood percussive instruments). We perform using this rare collection of instruments and add live guitar, bouzouki, baglama, Cretan lauto, clarinet, flute, percussion and vocals.

The resulting combination is an incredibly lush and organic live experience that fuses Rebetika, Greek Folk and Orchestral arrangements that would otherwise be impossible to perform live.

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