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With an experience of well over three decades, I can say that everything started by watching my mother cooking in our own humble kitchen and learning it from scratch. I specialise in Portuguese and Angolan cuisine, since that was my childhood traditional eating habits taken from my father (born in Portugal) and my mother (born in Angola), but always had an insatiable curiosity for new foods and pairing flavours from different parts of the world. Thus, while personally exploring different eating experiences, my cooking style is all about balance. In the process I love to create dishes around seasonal ingredients and on what look good at the market each single day. That way I can and do often surprise my guests and friends with novel ways to spin new flavours with old favourites. My professional trajectory started at age 14 at the Restaurant Grutas de Santo António, in my father’s hometown, before going to the Lisbon Cooking School, and went on the experience to cook for large gatherings in the Army kitchens. With the acquired experience, it come the inevitable move to prestigious establishments, namely the posh Hotel Ritz in Lisbon, the Hotel Atlantis in Vilamoura, Algarve, and then crossing the Atlantic and the North American continent to work in Vancouver, first in the “April in Portugal Restaurant”, followed by the operations of catering for the airlines, and then the kitchens of the Hyatt Hotel and “il Giardino Restaurant”, all that before setting my own business of specialities restaurant and catering.

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